Big Family? Seven Tips To Master Before Travelling

According to the current standards, if you have more than three children, your family is already large. However, there are families, which are way too big. Traveling with five children is a big challenge. It is not like travelling with five workmates. Since every journey should be enjoyable, you need to prepare early and well. Below are seven tips, which will make your trip enjoyable and memorable to everyone.

1. Book Early

Majority of hotels do not have a lot of rooms, which can accommodate more than three people. The few they have might not be available for you if you did not book on time. To be prudent, you need to call the hotel to inquire if they accept guests with a rollaway bed and underage children.

2. Select Flight Seats on Time

Every family needs to travel together especially if there are kids involved.  To get the best seat in an airplane or a train for your family, you have to book early.  It is awkward and embarrassing, to request for a seat-switch so that you can be with your kids.  You can prevent such a problem if you register all your family members as travel companions when booking for a flight.

3. Seek Services of a Travel Agent

Since it is hectic and hard work to prepare for a safari when you have a large family, you should consider hiring services of a reputable travel agent.  These agents have a lot of experience in this area. However, you should have a thorough and proper consultation with your agent to avoid surprises. Read the agreement carefully before you sign so that you can know what to expect.

4. Plan Well What and Where to Eat

It is crucial to know the place you will get your food during the journey before you leave so that you can save time and money. Feeding a large family in any hotel can be very expensive. Always make sure you have snacks for your kids at all time. If one family member needs a special diet, you need to inquire where you can get the special food before leaving. A quick online search will give you contacts of the available hotels and restaurants.

5. Park on Time

Packing for a big family is a daunting task. You should make an exhaustive list.  Let every family member make his/her list, if they can, but you must personally approve all lists.

6. Relax

The joy of traveling starts before you leave your home.  Be relaxed and let everyone know that they should enjoy every minute of the journey. You should manage well the anxious characters and find time to explain to the young ones why you are traveling.


A family that travels together bonds well. Try to make every minute of the journey enjoyable and worthwhile. Proper planning is the easiest way to make a trip fulfilling and memorable. Always remember to leave your home hospitable because you will be back soon.

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